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How do I prepare for my appointment?

The doctor always needs to establish basic medical information when meeting a new patient. Please be prepared to tell him what medications you are taking, any allergies you have, and a family medical history.

When is my appointment?

If you have forgotten when you are scheduled to see the doctor or receive an infusion, simply call our offices at (864) 591-1700 and a staff-member will help you.

Where is Horizon Medical Center located?

1455 East Main St. is across Main street from Converse Plaza (location of Converse Cinema and Blockbuster Video). A BB&T bank is located just next to our office.

Do I need to fast? Should I eat before coming?

There is no need to fast. In fact, you should make a point to eat before coming for your infusion.

How long will I be there for treatment?

Treatment time varies depending on the regiment. It can range from 30 minutes to multiple hours. Please ask the physician or nurse for that information as it pertains to your individual therapy.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Of course! Horizon will welcome a friend or family member.

Can I bring a blanket, movie, book, etc.?

We encourage our patients to bring anything they might find helps them to be more comfortable. Feel free to bring in a movie you have been meaning to see or even your latest piece of crochet.

How do I get in touch with the doctor or nurse after business hours?

By calling our office at (864) 591-1700, our answering service will take your information and contact the doctor or nurse for you.

Will I be able to drive after my treatment?

Some treatments may be exhausting. It is best that you consult one of our staff before making plans to drive.

Do I need to pack a lunch?

There isn't any problem with eating while taking an infusion. If you feel you may get hungry during your stay, please bring a snack.

If I am receiving chemotherapy, will I get sick and vomit? 

Nausea is possible, but at Horizon, less that 10 % of our patients experience nausea and vomiting when receiving chemotherapy from us. 

Will I lose my hair?

Some chemotherapy, not all, will cause you to have hair loss. Whether this is total hair loss depends upon the medication you are taking. However, hair loss is neither inevitable nor permanent. The use of a wide tooth comb or brush will help reduce the amount of hair loss.

Can I have sex?

The answer is yes. With few exceptions, chemotherapy will not affect your partner. Please ask our physician if you have specific questions or need more detailed information.

Can I drink alcohol while taking chemotherapy?

No. Alcohol inhibits the bone marrow and irritates the stomach causing nausea and vomiting.

What about sun bathing?

Sunbathing may cause serious burns because chemotherapy causes skin to be extra sensitive. Moreover, there is always the risk of melanoma from sun bathing.



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