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Be sure to speak with a real person on the phone
Horizon understands that your care does not begin and end when you set foot in the office. Many times patients need help between visits. Our patients can call the office 24 hours a day and be sure to speak with a real person on the phone, not a machine. When our offices are closed, we have an answering service that accepts calls and contacts the nurse or doctor as appropriate.

Customized treatment options
Our commitment to the best care available extends far beyond services patients see. Our physician consults with colleagues to customize treatment options for each patient.                                       

On-site Testing or Scheduling
Our offices have laboratory equipment on the premises. For any other diagnostic or lab testing we will schedule an appointment for you at a local facility.                            

Open lines of communication
One of the most important factors for health is that everyone that is treating you is well-informed. We share all medical records with your family doctor and make sure that everyone involved in care is completely aware of what treatments are available. 

Making your own choices
Dr. Schutz is the only specialist that serves at both local hospitals which means that patients have more options when they choose where to receive their care. 

Free financial and insurance analysis
Dealing with insurance is often difficult. Horizon helps our patients avoid the headache by billing directly to both primary and secondary insurance providers. Moreover, we offer a free financial and insurance analysis in order to find the most effective means of treatment without creating huge medical bills.

The most advanced diagnostic and treatment options
Horizon's vision includes the future. Our office continues to work on the cutting edge of developing medical technologies, allowing patients to try the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options. Participation in Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOP) means our patients have access to clinical trials of the latest treatments.                                                  

  Ample parking, wheelchair access, and a convenient location
Horizon offers ample parking, wheelchair access, and a convenient location on Main Street.

  Convenient appointment times
We understand that taking off of work can be a hassle, so we schedule appointments to fit your needs.


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